Saturday, December 20, 2008


Number and times University authorities do not handle issues affecting students within a reasonable time frame. It is either they choose they come back to the files when students have rioted or choose to totally abandon the issue.

On Education student's TP allowance, it should be borne in mind that currently the student's recieve MK16,000 at the end of the month(or when authorities find it reasonable to give them).

TP takes 10 weeks and that should be 2 and half months if read the other way.

Understandably, every student recoives about MK48,000 at the end of the three months.

Living in cities, towns and rurals areas that are fast getting urbanised plunges students in extreme finicincial difficulties. Consider the costs of basic items that they have to buy ino order to successfully do their practice. These students have to buy markers, pens, folders, flip charts and the sort. They also have to sustain themselves by buying foodstuffs whose prices have skyrocketted.

Early this year, students who were doing their TP felt duped by their authorities when they were given only MK40,000.

It was argued as I gather that they did not get the other MK8,000 because they did their TP for only 10 weeks which translates into two and half months. Interestinly, not so?

Wherever the other MK8,000 went nobody knows. It is just hoped that it was the government (ministry of education) made this calculation.

But are such things really done in the ministry?

This is why I feel that this year's Faculty of Education graduating class must make sure that they sort out such simple matters right away while still in college. Outside the campus, authorities know students can not meet and have a common decision.